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Our Search Engine Optimization Core Services Include:

Organic search is a method for entering one or several search terms as a single string of text into a search engine. Organic search results, appear as paginated lists, are based on relevance to the search terms.
On-page optimization refers to factors that have an effect on your Web site or Web page listing in natural search results. ... Examples of on-page optimization include actual HTML code, meta tags, keyword placement and keyword density. It works!
In search engine optimization (SEO) terminology link building is the process of exchanging links with other Web sites to increase your own site's backlinks and quality backlinks.

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SEO, SEO, SEO. Again and Again.
Keyword Research
Finding right Keywords before we build a castle is very important. Using online tools is a great way to start but we also love to use our brains!
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VanWhistle Team loves to prove ourselves that we are the best in the country. We are proud to be a Canadian Company in BC!

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For businesses with physical stores that rely on foot traffic, local search is an essential cornerstone of an online marketing strategy. In order for the searchers to find your local business, steps must be taken to optimize your company’s online presence. The following five tips are an excellent place to start.

SEO is the art or science that makes search engines believe your site is more relevant than your competition’s websites. 24 percent of all searches have local intent. Businesses need to reshape their local strategy as local search evolves.

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