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Top Selling Social Media Package(All In 1)



  • 4x Platforms
  • 2x Daily Social Media Posting
  • 4hr Content research
  • Facebook Ad management
  • Daily Network Activity Monitoring
  • Daily Replying messages
  • Daily Followbacks
  • Social Media account makeover
  • Monthly Analysis Report
  • Business Audit


Included Packages:

  • 2x Daily Posting Service  ($497 x 2 = $994)
  • Answering & Monitoring Service ($497)
  • Massive Online Advertisement Service ($497)

Then: $1,990

Now: $997


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Everything your business needs are in this $997/month package. Stop paper ads, and start Social Media ads. It's a proven fact that Social Media ads beat paper ads by 420% in terms of sales. We are happy to answer all of your questions until you are confident with your move. Everything you need to rapidly expand your business and your impact online. Spend all your time focusing on building your business and let us do the posting, advertising, website upkeep, daily content, interact with your customers, build your email list, optimize your site, and much more.