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Why your online marketing team should be local

“It’s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood,” TV Icon Mr. Rogers used to sing. It really is a beautiful day in the ’hood of New Westminster, BC, and it’s an exciting time to partner with our neighbours to grow our community.

You’ve probably noticed the #buylocal movement on social media (and in real life) lately. This doesn’t just apply to produce and goods, but also means supporting your local service-based businesses too. When partnering with a digital marketing services agency, there are many agencies to choose from, but none will understand your business better than your neighbour!

Here’s four ways you benefit by hiring a local online marketing team to support your small business:

1. They’ve got a pulse on the local: For many small brick-and-mortar or mom-and-pop businesses, most of their clients are from their own, and their neighbouring, communities. If you’re targeting local customers, work with other vendors, partners, and suppliers that are local to you as they know what the neighbourhood needs, and have an invested interest in supporting the success of their neighbours.

2. Customers LOVE the #buylocal vibe: It’s in our nature (well, for most of us at least) to want to support our neighbours. When your business works and partners with local suppliers, staff, and contractors, and you tell your customers this, you may earn a few extra Brownie Points! People are often willing to pay slightly more for your product or service if they know they supported their neighbors and community in the process.

3. Get a new source of leads: Not only do your customers love it, but it could turn into a new lead source for your business when your vendors and partners talk about how they work with you! Work with your neighbouring businesses and ask for a small ad or plug on their website (great for your search engine optimization strategy) or ask to display a small sign or your product in their store or office. It opens up new ways to collaborate and mutually help each other.

4. In-person is always better than virtual: Yes, today it’s easier than ever to telecommute, video conference, or just work remotely. While this does have its benefits, when working with a creative marketing team, often in-person carries much more value.

There is still no feeling like an IRL (in real life) handshake or actually talking to someone standing, or sitting, right in front of you. It’s better for brainstorming, and for building up rapport and a personal relationship with each other.

Also, remember that when hiring an external marketing team, this team needs to know your business inside and out. Imagine if they could walk to your shop or office and actually look around, talk to your staff, and sample your products. They’ll have a much deeper understanding than if you relayed that information through a grainy webcam.

This #buylocal mindset is part of the reason we started VanWhistle Media. We love the vibrant community spirit here in New Westminster and we want to support the entrepreneurial drive that’s helped our fair city grow into the lively business and community hub it is today.

We enjoy connecting with our neighbours and working together to support our families and this great community we call home. If you’d like to connect with us, schedule a time in our online booking calendar today.