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Automotive Online Inventory Management


Did you know that third-party sites are the most used sites for online car shopping? Prospective car buyers spend 60% of their time online.  The big question is, how much time are you or your sales team spending uploading your inventory to these sites?

Source: Cox Automotive 2018 Car Buyers Journey

With most the car-shopping process moving online, and increasingly most of that on mobile devices, it’s crucial that your inventory is where people are spending most of their buyer’s journey.

Digital and mobile technology has totally transformed the relationship between the dealership and the customer. As Benstock says, “You’ve got to move at the speed of the customer. … If we don’t disrupt ourselves, the customer will do it for us.”   Is your sales team ready for this new relationship? Can your potential customers find you before your competitors in the local market? We can help.

Managing your online inventory can take time and resources away from the sales floor where you should be closing those ‘ready to buy’ leads.

Searches for “pictures of [insert your automotive brand]" is up 37% year-over-year, 80% of those searches are happening on mobile. People are also wanting a lot more information before they walk into any dealership. Searches for MSRP & list prices are at their highest levels ever with a growth of 25% in the past year. Again, this is driven in large part by mobile searches accounting for 70% of those searches.

It is critical that your online inventory accurately reflects your pricing, incentives, services, and amenities that are offered when the consumer visits your bricks-and-mortar dealership.

We want to take the stress out of your online inventory management. VanWhistle Media offers a variety of online inventory management packages that are geared to make sure you and your sales team are spending their time closing sales instead of uploading data and images onto your website and those crucial third-party sites.

Our package includes:

  • Up to 40 vehicles ad uploads/month + $5/each additional vehicle
  • Up to 3 third-party listings per vehicle
  • Facebook Page & Ads Management
  • Premium Discount to your sales reps for the same service.

Complete the form below with your inventory management needs and we will develop a package just for you. Whether you are a dealership owner or a commissioned sales rep, we can develop a package to ensure your inventory is seen and you are spending less time on your computer and more time selling cars.